Socially Distant Thoughts on Flower Delivery Day

As I showed up to my space with orders already prepped and tied bouquets sitting safely in cool water, the sunshine was beginning to warm the earth. Even in the shade, the Spring chill wasn't present. As I prepped labels, wrapped, and packed up I could hear the Mount Washington Neighborhood coming alive. I looked around and I had never seen so many people walking around with their families on Bigham Street.

Everyone had that look on their faces; the one where the sunshine not only warms you up but brightens your soul a bit, giving you those feel good endorphins. Nothing makes me feel more relaxed and happy than that warming sunshine.

As I packed up my car and began my stop from neighborhood to neighborhood, I saw many beautiful things. I saw dogs loving the fact that their humans hadn't left the house in days, (best week ever). There were kids enjoying life and sunshine, despite the tension around them in the world. There were people taking their time walking, smiling, listening to music.

Many of the little bouquets were gifted to loved ones to brighten their days during these "quarantined times," or the promise of a hug when all of this is over. These notes of hope and promises truly reflected the things we all appreciate now; giving your friend you ran into at the store a hug, meeting up for dinner and a Mike the Beer Guy craft brew at the local Bigham Tavern.

On a normal Thursday I'd be buzzing around the burgh prepping for that weekend's events. The city was in a constant fast forward pace to finish out the week, but as the world kept turning we had our lives halted. We are social distancing, worried, frustrated, a little scared and unsure. At different capacities, in various ways; absolutely. But we all have those feelings.

As much as we have those feeling we also have a greater appreciation for our neighborhoods, our local business, our families and friends, or something as simple as a welcoming hug.

As I wrapped up my delivery routes and rolled up to the lot with an empty car but full heart, I felt a sense of unity. We all soaked in the sun today. We felt that hope in our soul. We saw that color only warmth can bring. Instead of running full speed ahead we took a deep breath and walked.

I truly feel the black and gold city coming together with such beauty, strength and uniqueness during these social distancing times.



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