No Rain. No Flowers.

Teach your tikes to grow their own #armfulofflowers

I really got my roots started on Mount Washington by joining the Bigham Tavern Family. What an incredible group of people who are not just doing this to do it. This is their home, their livelihood, so as this COVID-19 virus developed it really made all of us feel that uneasy feeling. As the events began to unfold, the community still came out and supported the BT family--but it was quickly apparent that this situation was only going to grow more serious.

We know no matter what, our community will support the tavern and as the announcement came out that all bars and restaurants were required to close down dine-in service, we all felt the inevitable blow. But as quickly as it came, it also went. That's the true standing power of team Bigham. We always face adversity with strength and put what matters first; the community we have built together. Jessica Rewis, part owner of Bigham Tavern and partner with me, of Armful of Flowers, has showed unbelievable strength. They quickly responded with takeout options and, for the first time ever, delivery.

She has three beautiful children that I nanny for and have grown to love. We instantly began to think, how do we keep the kids engaged while away from the classroom? It was easy for us to come up with a fun activity surrounding flowers. So why not bring this to our community, too?

We've put together a lesson plan and grow kit that will allow your child to engage with the concepts of seed starting, germination, pollination, bees, and plant growth. The hope is to have this be an activity that continues to encourage questions and interest over the weeks as their little flowers begin to sprout. Eventually they can plant these beauties outside and cut their own #armfulofflowers

Not only is this an engaging STEM activity, but it also invokes hope that through tough times we always can grow through it and find some beauty in it all.

Just like Bigham Tavern continues to support their community and bring positive vibes in adverse times, Armful of Flowers fully plans to do the same. Let's support each other and remember that: without rain, we can't have beautiful flowers.



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