A Bouquet of Flowers

Updated: Mar 18

When I first began teasing the idea to grow and arrange my own wedding flowers with my closest friends, their reactions were always with a worried but excited look. I knew how crazy it seemed.

Planning a wedding can be so stressful, let's just add figuring out the growing season of varieties of flowers I never grew before, plan it so they were at peak during my wedding, and ensure I harvest them at the right time of growth so i could successfully use them, to the list.

For me, gardening was always a peaceful and sacred time. The spring air was exciting and happy, and the garden was begging to be dug up. My memories of folding young plants into my mother's huge garden and nurturing them to grow, were some of my most fond.

When my (now) fiance and I moved to Mount Washington, we found a cute little home with a nice sized backyard. Having this space after living in Oakland apartments was just what I needed to grow my own garden and unknowingly spark this journey I soon would be on.

Many memories and a few years later, we got engaged and this idea seemed like the best way to represent who Nick, my fiance, and I were. Our summertime living consisted of marinated grilled dinners, fetch with our fluffy butt pup and tending to the flower bed.

When I initially began researching how one goes about doing this task, I came across Floret Farms. Erin's articles about small scale, large production flowers were so inspiring. It made growing a trial patch of flowers in a Mount Washington, Pittsburgh neighborhood not so daunting. Her husband's gorgeous photography and her wide range of backyard garden seeds instantly drew me in. These flower varieties that I knew so well growing up, but never saw in a grocery store, were in abundance on her website and social media.

I instantly purchased her best selling book, "Cut Flower Garden," and made a garden plan for my trial year for our 2020 wedding flowers.

The trial year of 2019 was filled with so much anticipation and nervous watching of my seedling flats, as they grew under their Amazon purchased grow lights. Every Pittsburgh rain storm (or rain week) scared the hell out of me, but when those flowers started to bloom, I had no doubt that, I got this.

There truly is something about harvesting your hard work. Flowers especially are a labor of love and when they are harvested and arranged, their beauty means that much more. This bouquet of flowers have all the ingredients I researched and planned for our wedding. That first trail year taught me so much and boosted my confidence to believe in something more for this passion that was blooming.

Looking back at this bouquet of flowers I feel all of that labor of love. I feel the same excitement and happiness I felt when I was planting with my mother in her Central, PA garden.

Armful of Flowers began from this foundation and grew through community and belief in local and sustainable flowers. With partnership of the Big Ham Group and and belief in something community focused, Armful of Flowers just fit into place.

We can't wait to grow this community around flowers--around that feeling of happiness and love we feel when we nurture something to grow and eventually share the harvest with our friends.

This journey has been a whirlwind of growth and I know we're just getting started. Are you all ready to come along for the ride and expand the community we're growing with #armfulofflowers



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